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Aware in Prayer

21 Grams wanted to raise awareness about melanoma amongst people of colour, for which most cases appear on the soles of feet. We decided to speak to a large portion of those with dark skin, Muslims, at a touchpoint that made sense for many reasons – the moment of taking off one's shoes before going to prayer.

D&AD Newblood - White & Yellow winner

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Toss Your Nos 

This was a personal project in collaboration with Tower Hamlets.


Bins created for Whitechapel. Nos canisters cannot be put in normal bins as they can explode. 


So we created one specifically 

to fix that problem.

The people of Tower Hamlets quickly vandalised the bin but that got us on Sky News.


Anyway the mayor loved it and so do I. 

Hope you do too.

KiddLowe Productions

Cameron and a friend founded a production company. Their first short is currently in post production.

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